Appraiser profession is not easy. Even getting such a title is quite difficult for a potential candidate. In this profession, there are many responsibilities and the rules by which the appraiser must follow.


Responsibilities of the valuer include determining who has the rights to the property, and what kind of rights, constant analysis of the market and the appointing those factors that affect the value of assessed property. In addition, appraiser must also examine the reliability and validity of the documents provided by the client. Also, the court may use the services of a certified appraiser. Then, the appraiser is required to submit its opinion within a certain statutory time.

The most important goal of the expert is to preserve the impartiality. Valuer must operate in an objective and independent way. The only thing that connects the client and the expert is the contract, which includes the purpose and determine the object of estimation. This is the difference (in substance) between the appraiser and the real estate agent or the property manager.

Another important principle is to preserve secrecy. Valuer may not pass on any information obtained from the client, or the results of their findings, regardless of who is the client and what kind of object is measured. The activities of the valuer in the real estate sector have the basis in the relevant laws, and in the private sector in agreements and / or contracts. The title of appraiser is legally protected.