Reasons for property valuation

If we decide to valuate the property (which is not for free) we probably have a good reason to do that. In which cases such valuation is necessary? As it turns out, there are a number of cases in which we have to use the services of the appraiser. According to the law, valuation is mandatory primarily to protect the interests of the Treasury and local government units, however these are not the only cases.


Of course, the first case that comes to mind is the desire to buy or sell the real estate. Then this valuation jest necessary. Also, in determining the asking price if we are dealing with the sale in the form of an auction or tender.

Another case in which the evaluation is needed is to determine securities or loan amortization when the property is the security. The measurement is also used to calculate the amount of tax (for example, inheritance or donation tax), or the amount of insurance of the property. It is necessary, if there is a need to determine the amount of compensation and so in the case of property damage as well as expropriation.

Even in more unusual situations like returning from abroad of the previous owner of the property (which recently happens quite often) the valuation is the basis for any legal action. Of course, these are just some of the number of cases when property expert opinion is needed.