Property insurance

Is it worth to do that? The apartment is usually our biggest tangible value, that is why we should insure it. The amount of investment usually obscures the eyes of the owners who are not aware of the consequences in the case of unexpected disaster that may destroy all their possessions.

Thanks to the competition in the insurance market, prices are becoming more and more attractive. Insurance is usually sold in the annual insurance policies, but nothing stands in the way to insure the house for shorter periods, such as holidays. Insurance should be individualized to your needs and include especially things of the highest value. Insurance companies offer the so-called packages presenting various options of the consequences. The most common of these are, of course, insurance against accidents, in particular, acts of nature, such as hail, rain and therefore flooding, storm, snow or landslides. The second package usually secures from theft, robbery and destruction associated with it. It is worth checking to what extent the insurance covers compensation for damages, because not always this value is unlimited.


We must be aware of the fact that the insurance company is not always required to pay us the compensation. Usually they do not do this, when the war broke out and in the case of obvious negligence of the owner, causing damage to the building.

We can also insure against civil responsibility on the area of the property where the policyholder's home is located. It is becoming more common and popular practice. An interesting and little-known aspect is also the possibility of insuring pets due to their illness or injury that they can cause to third parties.

We do not have to look far to find a good insurance company, because their headquarters should be located in almost every city. While choosing appropriate one we should be guided primarily by reputation and rankings. Trusted brands in the case of insurance care for their customers.