Types of Real Estate

The first type are land properties. This includes both the land, which are the subject of the property and those on which buildings machines and plants are located. Thus, all of these elements cannot be subjects of separate freehold. In short, everything that is on the property enters into its composition. Of course, there are some exceptions, which are defined in separate regulations.

real estate

Another type are building properties, these are the buildings that are permanently connected with the land, but have separate freeholds. Under the agreement, a unilateral legal act of the owner or the court statement, which abolishes the building ownership, premises property can be isolated. This property is an independent dwelling or premises for other purposes, with adherent auxiliary spaces such as a garage, attic or basement.

Commonly there is also a division to residential properties (which serve to households) and commercial, that is, those which are used for business, but it is not legally sanctioned division. There are also farm properties, which (as the name suggests) are, or can be used for productive activities in agriculture.